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Six months ago I was diagnosed with cancer...and in a few hours I will be dead.

Page Langford is fifty years old, a wife and a mother—and now that she’s dead, she finds herself in the unenviable position of existing as one of the living dead. She is forced to watch as her friends and family’s lives unravel. There are secrets long since buried, lies too deep and gruesome to believe. But they’re all true, all of them, and Page is glad to be dead. Glad to feel no pain. If she were still alive, the pain of the betrayal and the lies would be too much for her to bear. As a spirit, Page watches and tries to help her loved ones. She tries to give them choices, feelings she places in their hearts and souls. She attempts to direct them so the inevitable won’t occur, but they never listen. They feel her presence but ignore her warnings, her gentle nudging. Unable to do anything else, Page just waits and welcomes her loved ones as they join her in death, one by one…


About the Author

Latifa Hazim-Rogers

Latifa Hazim-Rogers currently lives in Topeka, Kansas. Six Months or Less is her first novel.



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