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Silhouette of a Soul

Day-today life can be challenging.Sometimes it can be good to leave reality behind, and find a way to connect with the eternal loving source, refreshing your soul and your mind. In Silhouette of a Soul, poet and mystic D. Douglas Merrell will take your hand and share with you a journey through time and nature - words bursting and blossoming from thirty years of adventures in the wild. You will see nature as a friend, and flow with the harmony of the elements. You will see beyond the physical, as Merrell's words help you to reach the heavens. If you'd like to see the blue birds dance, and fell the heartbeat of a thousand angel wings, then pick up this book and there are songs you can sing. Descriptive Magick waits for you and lifts your spirit wherever your imagination flows. Laugh with the changes of the seasons, rejoice in the sun's healing light. Find your source of inner light and smile with delight. Merrell knows that we are on a journey, and his poetry is a gift to raise you spirit to a higher place where love and light surround you and make you free. If you dream of soaring over the mountains, or sitting by the edge of a pond, listening with a open heart to all that comes, then this book is the treasure you have been seeking.


Book Excerpt

" Blue Bird's Dance" We sat by the shore of the pond..As the sun burst forth to keep us warm...Hundreds of blue birds swarmed through the air...Dancing a circular motion just above the water...Singing the praises of spring love...Diving through the air inches from out faces...Showing us their majick of song and dance...Our souls were free for a moment in time....This display of Nature's birds made us one with the divine....You would not believe it unless you were there...Peace came forth as a feather floated to us through the air..Lifting our spirits as if we soured with them...Suspended in air for a moment, then taken away by the wind...To swoop back over the water again and again...Time passed quickly as hours seemed like minutes...We left with a memory of pure delight...for nowhere in heaven or earth....Could a show like the blue bird of paradise dance...Be choreographed with such passion and give so freely......D. Douglas


About the Author

D. Douglas Merrell

D. Douglas Merrell lives in a small town in New Hampshire where he was raised on a dairy farm. With a love of nature and spirituality he writes about adventures real or mystic and nature and all the beauty held within everything. We are all connected in some way and he hopes to share some of his insights written over the last 30 years. If you'd like to soar over mountains with wings or sit by the shore of a pond and listen to all that comes freely, then this book is for you.