Silent Cries on Railroad Ties

Innocence Finds Voice

by R.J. Douglas


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I am aware of an eternal element reaching from the depths of me to hold and support a hope that is enduring. – RJ Douglas

Looking down the long rails in both directions, he began to walk up and down the railroad track thinking about the night and the dream and before long, he would be pouring out his heart and the rails and spikes and cross ties would absorb the tears and sound waves of his voice for safe keeping. These primitive prayer meetings would begin to build a memorial of remembrance as it was on these rails that Jimmy would build intimacy with the eternal and seemingly connect to heaven in a very tangible way. The tracks would understand his carrying a dark burden. This, Jimmy understood, and in many ways, he and the railroad track became one.


About the Author

R.J. Douglas

R.J. Douglas is a Pastor of Covenant Church at Union Hill in Joshua, Texas. He has been married for 39 years and has two daughters and four grandchildren. He and his wife live in Burleson, Texas with their two dogs Dixie and Patch. To learn more about R.J. visit