Beginners Guide for

I.S.S.R. Shiloh Shepherd Owners

by Steve Mekkelsen Madden


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Are You Ready for a Shiloh Shepherd?

Dog ownership can be fun and rewarding – but it can also be confusing and frustrating, especially when you get a new puppy home and you’re not sure exactly how to raise and train it. Different breeds have specific needs, and in The Beginner’s Guide for I.S.S.R. Shiloh Shepherd Owners, Steve Mekkelsen Madden generously shares the wealth of knowledge he has acquired from owning and showing these exceptional dogs. You’ll find answers to these questions and more: • What is the best type of food for the Shiloh Shepherd? • How do I teach basic commands to my new puppy? • How should I handle my Shiloh Shepherd with other dogs in a show ring? • How can I adjust to respond to my dog’s particular temperament? • What are common medical issues with this breed? The product of years of hands-on experience, and countless conversations with the breed founder, other breeders, and many Shiloh Shepherd owners, this book gives you the A-Z of how to be the best dog owner you can be. While many of the tips and tricks in this book are useful for any breed, this is an invaluable resource for Shiloh Shepherd owners, who may find it difficult to find breed-specific information when they need it. The Beginner’s Guide for I.S.S.R. Shiloh Shepherd Owners puts you a step ahead, and will remain a trusted source of information for years to come.


Book Excerpt

We start with the sixteen basic commands which you will want to teach your new puppy. This list of commands will grow as we progress through the rest of this book. You can start on day one of receiving your puppy, as he/she may already understand a few of them. It's important they understand and learn, you now are the pack leader and they take instructions from you. All puppies from our Kennels are trained the same way for consistency.


About the Author

Steve Mekkelsen Madden

Steve Mekkelsen Madden is currently a systems engineer and database administrator in Pegasystems Global Customer Service department. Steve has worked for Pegasystems for the past 16 years and brings passion and dedication to his work, and in his spare time he enjoys building websites and running an online store with his wife, Sherri. He is also a pastor in the Universal Life Church. Steve’s writing experience includes many technical articles, as well as recognition from the International Poetry Society and recognized by the American Honor's Society. Steve and Sherri live in North Carolina, on five acres in the foothills, where they enjoy their Shiloh Shepherds, as well as their seven children and five grandchildren.