Shifting Moon

Shifting Moon Sage, Book 1

by Hope Worthington


Book Details

A new student has attracted everyone's attention, but the gorgeous, dark haired, golden eyed Logan Canino only has eyes for Remy West.

Since the moment Logan first saw Remy, he knew she was the other half to his soul. Logan appears to be an athletic, good looking transfer student, but never judge a book by its cover. Logan is a canine shifter, and his instincts tell him he needs to protect Remy from a malevolent force.

Remy is beautiful and popular, but she has always felt a lack of connection to friends and classmates. When she meets Logan, a new student at her high school, she feels an instant connection. Her feelings for Logan are strong and unexpected, but they are not unwelcomed. However, not everyone supports the growing relationship between Remy and Logan. Daniel's animosity goes far beyond a jilted suitor. Daniel will use any means to keep Remy and Logan apart.


About the Author

Hope Worthington

Hope Worthington writes paranormal romance novels. Hope lives in South Florida with her husband, three sons and two rescue dogs. Hope was an avid reader since childhood. Her love of reading especially paranormal romance and fantasy books led to her creating her own story.

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