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LD Smith knew life had been different for her, harder than it should have been. At the age of 12, she began feeling sad much more often than her friends, who seemed fairly happy with their lives. But it was at age 12 that the abuse began and LD first attempted suicide.

I lie in bed fearing the sound of footsteps on the stairs. Footsteps now in the hall. The door opens. The door closes quietly. Then the sound I fear the most, the click of the lock as the signal my nightmare is about to begin again… Adult survivors of abuse and molestation and those with mental illness are often told to remain silent, to discuss their lives in dark corners and in hushed tones. Shatter the Silence seeks to break that cycle as LD Smith candidly and eloquently tells the story of her own journey—and it is not pretty. It is not a fairy tale, and unfortunately it is reality for so many. She invites you to join her and learn what being strong really entails. Know that it is possible to stand proud and speak loudly the story of survival.


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L. D. Smith

About the Author: LD Smith graduated magna cum laude from Ball State University with a Bachelor of Science and currently works for a global company managing clinical drug trials. She lives with her husband, two tabby cats, and a schipperke. She has two grown children who attend Ball State University and live near her home in Muncie, Indiana. She is a survivor of childhood molestation, abuse, and domestic violence and has been diagnosed with PTSD and as Bipolar I. In her free time, LD enjoys writing, quilting, and crocheting.



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