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Transformation in Motion

Servant Leader in Action: Transformation in motion, presents the position that servant leadership is the key to effective and successful organizational transformation for sustainability and resilience.

Compelling arguments and cases are used to demonstrate that the impact of the contributions of servant leaders to organizational transformation is a result of the effective application of 4 critical success factors simultaneously with three servant leadership competencies: Conversational Competencies, Emotional Intelligence Competencies and Strategic Thinking.

The 4 critical success factors emphasized in the book are:

EMPOWERING: Using the people-centred approach for organizational transformation to build the decision-making and creative capacity of people and inspiring them to engage in transformative initiatives.

RISK-TAKING: Making bold strategic and creative decisions for the future which is unpredictable and uncertain.

FINANCING: building organizations that are financially self-sufficient to give them greater degrees of freedom in designing and implementing transformative initiatives.

PRESERVING: the core values of the organization being preserved while it responds simultaneously to disruptive forces during its transformational journey.

This book will be of value to servant leaders who are seeking to make a positive transformational difference for sustainability and resilience of their organizations, persons preparing themselves to perform key transformational servant leadership roles, faculty and students in Colleges and Universities researching and studying Transformational Servant Leadership.


About the Author

Neville Ying

Professor Neville Ying has had a distinguished professional career during which he has served over 50 organizations and special transformational projects at the international, regional and national levels applying his widely sought after expertise in Strategic Creative Thinking; Transformational Leadership; Strategic Business and Organizational Development; Measurement and Evaluation; Social Dialogue; Social Responsibility and Strategic Diaspora Engagement and Governance.

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