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Baseball franchise moves can break your heart

Mark Weber, President & CEO of the St. Louis Cardinals, thought he landed his dream job. Little did he know it would turn into a nightmare shortly after management changes at parent company Rheinhold Brewing Company. Christina Rheinhold, newly installed President & CEO of the company that bears her name, is anxious to keep the small brewery afloat. What better way than to shed non-beer assets? Especially if you don’t even care about the team, purchased by her father when In-Bev acquired Anheuser-Busch and they also were in an off-loading situation. Christina was well aware of the 125 year plus tradition of the team in St. Louis, but it was very tempting to sell the team to out of town parties for top dollar. Can Mark, with the help of natural and even supernatural support, save the team for the city and their fans?


About the Author

Patrick McLean

Patrick McLean is a retired marketing executive and adjunct teaching instructor who plied his skills for major consumer brands and sports properties over a 37-year career. His undergraduate degree in Journalism and subsequent career in Journalism was largely unfulfilled until retirement when he wrote his first novel—’One Last Hurrah,’ which was published in 2014. “A Sense of Urgency” continues the story of the Cardinals, taking it from the field in 2011 to the front office in 2012. In both instances, a supernatural force is introduced and, against all logic, tries to help the main character and his supporting cast be successful in their quests.