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Wilson McCann is a high-powered CEO whose personal priorities were severely out of whack. He lost his company, his mother, his dog and the love of his life. Driven to his knees, he found God. Three years later, the nation's economic deterioration impacts his friends' livelihood, and the investors in his new company threaten to sell out. A national telecommunications firm vies with an unscrupulous hedge fund operator to acquire McCann's company, and McCann comes face-to-face with the need to commit totally to his faith and his company - to "sell out" to God and the beautiful woman God has sent to stand beside him. Set against the backdrop of greed-driven corporate espionage, the potential collapse of the nation's financial system, and misplaced priorities, Sell Out is the compelling story of a man seeking to know what it means to love God with all of his heart, soul, mind and strength.


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He smiled at her. What a rare combination of beauty and intelligence she was. Her faith was growing rapidly and he liked the way she prodded him to think in new and different ways. “You were trying to get my attention out there in the canyon this afternoon weren’t you?” She looked down at her coffee cup before responding. “Tell me why you didn’t marry Donna.” The question surprised him and he had to look away. She didn’t let go of his hand. He could feel her eyes on him. “I … couldn’t make … the … commitments she wanted and needed,” he said hesitantly. “You made a faith decision three years ago and now God is asking you for some additional commitments. Tachyons needs some commitments from you and from its investors now,” she said, her gaze not wavering. “At the right time, I’ll need some commitments too. I think that is what ‘selling out’ to something or someone is all about.”


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Robert W. Zinnecker

BOB ZINNECKER is a 55-year veteran of the telecommunications industry. He spent 33 years with CONTEL Corporation, managing operations in Michigan, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, and New York, prior to leading the New York State Telecommunications Association. He currently operates a consulting service, providing practical management assistance for today's changing world. Bob is a Senior Certified Professional Manager and is a charter member of the Institute of Certified Professional Managers. He is the author of Acquisition, a Christian fictional novel set in the telecommunications industry. He has written numerous articles and devotionals that have been published in religious and business media. Bob has four grown children and eight grandchildren. He and his wife, Elaine, reside in Penfield, New York. To contact the author, e-mail him at or visit him on Facebook and Linkedin.

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