The Ultimate Guide to Self-Directed Retirement Plans

Secrets the Rich Use to Build Tax Free Wealth

by Thom Garlock


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Learn the secrets to using Self-Directed Retirement plans that your Stockbroker, Banker and Financial Advisor would rather you not know about.

Through this simple, effective tour of the world of Self-Directed Retirement plans, Thom Garlock shows you the steps that wealthy investors have used for years to gain control of their retirement accounts and diversify their assets into real estate, precious metals, private business ownership and much more. You'll discover:

Why less than 3% of investors are aware of Self-Directed IRA or 401(k) plans

How to pass on more of your wealth to your family

Why your retirement accounts seldom grow when owning stocks, bonds and mutual funds

How to legally invest your retirement plan into income properties, raw land or vacation homes

Why the coming wave of inflation and higher tax rates will destroy most retirement savings

How to finance your business or real estate projects with IRA or 401(k) investors

Why our politicians would like to end the IRA and 401(k) benefits now available

With most Americans facing a large gap between what they have in their retirement savings and what they need to retire on, this book is a must read for anyone seeking financial freedom.


About the Author

Thom Garlock

Thom Garlock has helped 1,000's of investors gain control over their retirement plans and diversify away from low performing Wall Street investments into assets they understand and control for higher profits and less risk.