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Everyone has Secrets. . .

A knife attacking serial killer digs a hole to imprison his next victim. Tension mounts when Carolyn wakes, finding herself in the killer’s trap. A peeping Tom realizes the neighbor she’s watching has disappeared. Veteran Detective Waller and her new partner, Detective Garcia, discover the dark sides of suspects intertwined in the life of a missing Chicago suburban woman. The suspects in Secret Lives lead their investigation down divergent paths until, finally, uncovering a shocking, terrifying perpetrator. Does every beating heart in the hundreds of thousands of people keep a secret? Something dark and awful? Secret Lives brings together an abusive ex, a suspected sex offender boss, stalker neighbor, sexy best friend, foot fetish and more unforgettable characters, some hilarious, all with secrets, and full of suspense. All are intertwined in this action-packed story filled with flashes of tenderness and wit.


Book Excerpt

Perhaps I have been rescued. There’s a spark of hope. I don’t know if I’m going to laugh or cry.

“I have a sandwich for you.”

My empty stomach aches. Instinctively, I start to do what the strong voice instructs. I raise one arm up for the sandwich. “Please help me. Please get me out of here. I’m begging you.”

His venomous voice full of defiance says, “Raise your hands higher.”

That’s when I see the glint of shining metal in his right hand. I gasp at the sight of a large hunting knife aimed at me. Without thinking I inhale a panicked breath. I know something terrible is about to happen. Fear floods me, sending warning signals to my brain. I jerk my hand back down just in time to see the blade swing.  I try to scream, but the noise doesn’t come out. Does he want to kill me? A shudder of revulsion moves over me. “NO!” I resist. Anger mixes with my fear. “I won’t do what you want! Don’t do this.” I’m appalled at the tremble in my voice.


About the Author

Susan Wells

Susan Wells is a 2018 graduate of Citizen’s Police Academy. To write this true-to-life story, she consulted and interviewed police professionals, detectives, EMTs, and medical staff about their day to day procedures. She is currently writing a mystery/thriller titled “Samaritan Sins,” with the same detective team as Secret Lives.