Seasons in Sanctuary

Based on a true fantasy

by Danny Lopriore


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Seasons in Sanctuary

Friends of the book say:

“Lopriore has terrific understanding of what makes a good story. He can write like hell, but he’s even better at digging up stuff nobody else knows. Should have been a CIA guy instead of a reporter.”
Maury Allen, longtime New York Post sportswriter, author of “Brooklyn Remembered”,“Where Have You Gone (Joe DiMaggio)”.

“With “Season in Sanctuary”, Danny Lopriore not only conveys a remarkable true story of personal faith and redemption, but he’s also beautifully crafted a love letter to a special place in time. With rich detail, he recreates the experience of growing up in the 1970s working-class, school-of-hard-knocks outskirts of the greatest city in the world. You can practically smell the bread baking over New York’s Arthur Avenue with every turn of the page.”
Scott Williams, writer/producer, “Without a Trace”, “Bones”, “Third Watch”.

“Lopriore is able to come from a very real and true place. He puts you right into the life of this complex man. His unique take on this drama is a credit not only to his writing style, but to his commitment to telling this story with a passion that comes from witnessing a story first hand. The story could not be told better by anyone.”
Jason Cerbone, actor, “The Sopranos”

“A gripping narrative with fascinating characters. The details of time and place are so vivid and compelling that one has to be reminded that this is fiction and not true story. The author reels you in and doesn't let go until the novel's powerful conclusion.
Angelo Pizzo, screenwriter/producer, “Hoosiers”, “Rudy”


Book Excerpt

Arthur Avenue could be heaven or it could be hell.

We suffered through stifling hot, humid summers with smelly garbage cans lined up like condemned robots on the sidewalk, especially during the big garbage strike in the late 1960s, when garbage was piled two stories high for days.

When the wind blew in from Pelham Bay, the smell of elephants from the Bronx Zoo on Southern Boulevard crept through the neighborhood, providing an early education in zoology and a lesson on how far the smell of animal waste could travel with the right wind velocity.

And there were the nasty, cold winters when it seemed like the dirty piles of city snow would never melt. Cars were snowed under and the already narrow side streets became impassable, causing more than a few fender benders and fistfights over car parking territory.


About the Author

Danny Lopriore

Danny Lopriore is a veteran newspaper reporter, editor and columnist who has covered high school sports and news for several daily and weekly newspapers in New York and New Jersey since 1989. He lives in Westchester County, N.Y. with his wife Dianne and three of their five children. “Seasons in Sanctuary” is his first book.