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Scenes from Spiceville is a refreshingly funny comic book that depicts the daily lives of household spices. Set in the charming town of Spiceville, USA, this pun-packed book gives a taste of what life is like for many beloved spices and herbs.

Among the many happenings in town, Cilantro is in therapy, Red Pepper Flakes is back at the career office, and Oregano is in trouble with the law. Get the latest gossip from the spiciest town on Earth and discover hidden references along the way.

Kia Mosenthal combines clever wordplay with skillful illustrations to create a lovable collection of black and white comics that will make you laugh for years to come.

This witty book is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook or for anyone who has wondered what the spices get up to once the cabinet doors are closed. No matter whether you’re looking for: Holiday gifts • Cooking gifts • Funny gifts • Punny gifts • Gifts for mom • Gifts for dad • Gifts for friends—this book is sure to spice up anyone’s life!