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In scapegoating one thing is clear. The individual, group, or object that is deemed the scapegoat had been perceived as the cause of the troubling circumstances and has become the target of aggression.Scapegoating is the quintessential example of a ritual practice that magically shapes the natural world The scapegoat's sacrifice enables the group to live another day and indelibility makes the survivors a tighter-knit group.


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Dr. Clifton W. Wilcox

Dr. Clifton Wilcox is a Labor Relations Specialist for the federal government in Washington, DC and former college instructor at Ozarka College. He holds a Doctorate degree in Management from the University of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona, and an MBA from Webster University, Saint Louis, Missouri. Dr. Wilcox has over 25 years of managerial experience as a former Army aviator and Federal sector manager. Dr. Wilcox regularly speaks on topics involving motivation in the workplaceand issues involving employee attendance/absenteeism.Dr. Clifton Wilcox lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia.



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