Santa and Sam's Big Secret

by Frank and Mary Ann Sesko


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Santa and Sam's Big Secret Revealed!

How did Santa come to live at the North Pole? What about those flying reindeer—wherever did he find them? If you promise not to tell, you can read Santa and Sam’s Big Secret, which reveals everything about Santa, including how he is able to bring gifts to children worldwide and still have time for public appearances.
Santa has always loved not only making toys but giving them away to the children in his town. But when the idea of expanding this charitable enterprise arises, only brotherly cooperation and elf ingenuity can make the “impossible” possible. With this success, however, comes a new challenge—Santa’s popularity has grown to such a degree that he can’t maintain his hectic schedule. It’s a good thing Santa, Sam, and the elves are able to devise a wonderful plan, so that children everywhere who wish to meet Santa can have their Christmas dream fulfilled.
For those who may think that the man with the white beard at their local department store is not Santa, authors Frank and Mary Ann Sesko have created a wonderful story that will bring a smile to the faces of even the most cynical readers. Taking the classic Christmas genre and giving it a clever twist, Santa and Sam’s Big Secret offers a timeless truth that lies at the heart of the big guy in the red suit. Santa and Sam’s Big Secret is sure to be enjoyed by kids and adults, no matter the age.


Book Excerpt

We have all heard stories of how Santa Claus came to be. What most people do not know, however, is that Santa has a brother. When Santa was about four years old, his Mom and Dad surprised him with a new baby brother. They named him Sam.

Santa loved his little brother dearly. Sam grew up admiring his big brother, knowing that when he grew up, he wanted to be just like Santa.


About the Author

Frank and Mary Ann Sesko

Frank and Mary Ann Sesko, in addition to being strong believers in the true meaning of Christmas, have always also been believers in the magic of Christmas. For many years, both Frank and Mary Ann have helped Santa bring joy to schools, nursing homes, senior citizen groups, and wherever else Santa went to bring Christmas joy.

As Frank and Mary Ann’s own two children grew, they also came to believe in the magic and true meaning of Christmas.

Though this is the Sesko’s first venture into children’s literature, Frank, a retired high school teacher and administrator, is a published author for the National Association of Secondary School Principals on the topic of behavior management. Mary Ann, a former elementary school teacher and principal, helped guide Santa and Sam’s Big Secret in a direction that could easily be understood by pre-school and elementary school children.
Illustrator Ryan Fisher is a graphic designer and graduate of Hoffman Estates High School in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, one of the schools where Frank Sesko worked as Assistant Principal

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