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Short Gems of Flash Fiction

Salvation is a collection of 34 short-short stories, sometimes called “flash” or “sudden” fiction, each under one thousand words. Broad in style and subject matter—from inner-city realistic to South American magical—each brief fictional nugget explodes in the mind and lingers long afterwards. Nine of these stories have either won or been short-listed in national contests, two have been anthologized, and a third of them have been published in small press magazines. The title story won the 2012 New Millennium Writings Short-Short Fiction Prize. Praise for some of the stories in Salvation: “Salvation” “The imagery is striking and the mood haunting to the last fading note.” —Don Williams, Editor New Millennium Writings “Heaven’s Messengers” “This reader was compelled into a dream that proceeded according to its own logic with a compellingly elusive certitude. I believed in it as thoroughly as one believes in a dream. It takes a real talent to make me do that. I particularly admire the way this story fulfills itself at the end. It captures the unity of a circle but not its limitation. Rather, it spirals out into infinity by implication. This is more than craft; it is a unique sensibility.” —Mark Ari, Final Judge, Seven Hills Review Flash Fiction Contest “The Commute” “An inventive, penetrating look into the mind of a teacher.” —Writer Advice


About the Author

JL Schneider

JLSchneider is a carpenter and an adjunct professor of English at a small community college in upstate New York. Winner of the 2015 Fiction Southeast Editor’s Prize, his fiction has also appeared in Snake Nation, The Newport Review, The MacGuffin, International Quarterly, New Millennium Writings, and Bacopa Literary Review, among others. He was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for fiction in 2013. His essays have appeared in Solstice Magazine, The Southeast Review, The Mochila Review, and Boulevard, and he was awarded first prize in the 2015 Harpur Palate Nonfiction Contest. His essay “The Tontine Driveway” was selected as the winner of the 2015 Palooka Press Chapbook Contest and was published as a chapbook by Palooka Press. He was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for nonfiction in 2014. Winner of the 2015 Prism Review Poetry Contest, his poetry has also appeared in Crazy River, The Taos Review, The Rhode Island Review, Slippery Elm, and Rolling Stone, among others. His poetry collection It’s Strange Here was published in early 2016 by Vine Leaves Press. You can visit him on the web at