Run for My Life

by Joseph P. O’Donnell As told by Daniel Kolmann


Book Details

An exciting, inspirational, page-turning book that is hard to put down . . .

Run for My Life is a compelling memoir that chronicles the life of Daniel Kolmann who was born in Communist-occupied Czechoslovakia in 1948. Blessed with athletic talent but victimized by antisemitism and a repressive, post-World War II regime, Daniel was taken away from his family at age twelve and forced to live in a Russian-controlled sports camp where he was trained to be an internationally competitive athlete. Craving freedom, but understanding that a failed attempt to escape would result in a death sentence, Daniel nevertheless stages a daring, nail-biting escape from two armed guards whose mission is to capture or kill him.


About the Author

Joseph P. O’Donnell As told by Daniel Kolmann

Joseph P. O’Donnell is the author of the Gallagher Trilogy of Mystery Thrillers: Fatal Gamble, Deadly Codes and Pulse of My Heart. The feature-length motion picture, Bent (2018) is based on characters he created in the Gallagher novels. In 2022, O’Donnell published Living on the Fringe of the Mob, a memoir about a man who was connected to the New York Mob for his entire life. Run for My Life is his second book in the genre of memoir.

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