Roswell Redemption

by Cindi Crane


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Two Remarkable Women Bound by History …

Jade Hawkins, the thirteen-year-old daughter of a prominent Cherokee family, is content with her life. Her family is successful, and she has a proud heritage to support and guide her. But this is Georgia in 1838, and Jade cannot guess how the actions of the government will tear her life apart. The Hawkins plantation is lost to David Greyson, who wins the property in the Georgia Land Lottery. Jade’s family is destroyed, and she is forced to stay with the new white owner.But although Jade is at the mercy of forces she cannot control, her extraordinary inner resources drive her to accomplishments she wouldn’t have thought possible, and sacrifices she is honored to make for the sake of her children. Her strength and determination change the histories of several families. In 2010, Jade’s legacy intertwines with the destiny of Carolyn Kane, who is looking for a property where she can open an event facility in Roswell, Georgia. Carolyn finds Greyson Manor, Jade’s ancestral home, which is one of the few original plantations in the area. However, she finds that the owners are unwilling to renovate or sell. As Carolyn tries to persuade the Greysons to sell the property to her, she uncovers a secret that will change the citizens of Roswell forever. Vividly characterized and meticulously researched, Roswell Redemption takes the reader on a journey to the sorrows of the Cherokee Nation, and celebrates the triumphs of two women who act with integrity and passion to transcend injustice.


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Visit the Roswell Cherokee Memorial, 575 Riverside Dr., Riverside Park, Roswell, GA.


About the Author

Cindi Crane

Cindi Crane is a member of the Georgia Writers Association, the Atlanta Writers Club, the Roswell Historical Society, the Trail of Tears Association, Friends of New Echota and the Georgia Trust. She has a BS degree in Marketing and has worked for 25 years in the technology industry. Her husband Steve is part Cherokee. Researching his family genealogy inspired Cindi to write her first historical novel, Roswell Redemption. Her second book, “The History of Roswell Presbyterian Church”, was published October, 2014 and is available through the church. This is an addition to the original book published in 1984. The Church asked Cindi to write the history from 1984 – 2014 for their 175th Anniversary. Cindi worked with the City of Roswell to build a monument to the Cherokee – to honor those who came before us. With the help of the Roswell Historical Society, the memorial is now in place at Riverside Park and Azalea Drive. The memorial consists of 8 plaques on boulders written by Cindi. The dedication ceremony was July 19, 2014. Cindi is a Georgia Author of the Year, First Novel Nominee for 2012 and is an IndieBRAG (Book Readers Appreciation Group) Medallion recipient. Cindi is available for speaking engagements and book club meetings. If interested, please contact Cindi at