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Come home again and join Lucas Clay as more adventures surrounds him and his friend Buck when they head out to the northern plains in search of his blood brother Little Owl, and discover while in the midst of survival how your guide could be man or spirit in Lakota Sunrise Then as his adventures continue you will find yourself cutting firewood one minute and then the next you will have no where to go in what seems to be a hopeless situation of enduring freezing cold while fighting a wild predator in When The North Wind Blows. Lets saddle up and join Lucas Clay in some of the most exciting adventures a lone cowboy could get himself into. Whether it’s a fight for survival or helping a stranger who becomes your friend and neighbor in Bishops Gold. Then when days are bright and life feels good, lets warm our hearts in Jessies Ride as we saddle up in the second series of The Adventures of Lucas Clay.


About the Author

Rod Shahan

From growing up on a dairy farm in Indiana to riding the plains of Oklahoma and the mountains of Colorado, Rod Shahan has come across dozens of people whom he would soon call friends and lots of different circumstances. Within these adventures he has taken pieces of those times and created the fictional character Lucas Clay. Rod’s goal is a simple one, to share his stories and create more dreamers

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