Road Warriors: From Worst to First

by Terrieic Robbins with Teneeka Robbins


Book Details

In sports, there are times when you find yourself in a David-like situation having to take on a Goliath of an opponent. They seem to be faster, stronger and more experienced than you. They have a fan base that can pack out a stadium on any Friday night who will do just about anything to try and make you flinch. The question is, what do you do when you’re faced with this type of opposition? It’s simple, you find a way to win. This exciting book illustrates how grit, will and heart helped propel a flailing high school football program from nonexistence to absolute glory as the 1994 6A state champions in the state of Florida when they beat the number one ranked team in the country, Miami, Southridge. It isn’t just about the fact that they won it all, it’s about how they did it.


About the Author

Terrieic Robbins with Teneeka Robbins

Terrieic Robbins played football from the age of 9 through college where he was a 4-year starter at East Tennessee State University. He later became a coach for middle school football and high school wrestling. He’s currently a high school teacher and now enjoys football as a parent watching his sons play with his wife Teneeka.