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Hell is not a place it’s a... RoadTrip

With a sorry history of DUIs and wrecked cars, naïve boy-next-door Josh is shocked to find who’s in bed with his fiancée. Desperate to put Arkansas behind him, he tries to steal a truck but is busted by three ex-cons with their own plans for a road trip to California. Kidnapped, cuffed and raped, no one is spared as the gang bares its teeth. Somebody’s got to go. Somebody’s got to die. Somebody’s got to clean up the mess.


About the Author

Emory Black

Emory Black, a graduate of a private liberal arts college, has worked and written his way across four continents in various business and government operations. A teller of stories, including the novel “Incident at Zhenbao”, Emory lives in America’s desert Southwest with his faithful jackrabbit chasing dog, Pugsi, and surrounded by loving friends.