The Rift in the Void

Book One of The Starsoul Trilogy

by Christopher Warren Dean


Book Details

Only the missing mystical sword, Starsoul, can close the rift in the void… if it can be found.

It will take more than walls, locked gates and a mother’s wishes to keep Divian, the crown prince of Teresia, on the protected path to becoming ruler after the death of his father. His adventurous spirit -- and the questionable notion that only he can prevent the subjugation of the Seven Kingdoms by the returned Demon God -- sends him down a different and far more dangerous path. Divian must embrace his magical heritage, learn the ways of channeling and retrieve Starsoul, the mystical sword given to the King of Teresia by the god Borin to stop the Demon God and close the rift in the Void. But Starsoul was lost long, long ago…and the minions of the Demon God want to make sure Divian won’t live to find it.


About the Author

Christopher Warren Dean

Christopher Warren Dean was born in California, grew up in many of the western states and ultimately found his home in Washington State with his wife and two lovable dogs. He holds a B.A. from Washington State University and works in Information Technology managing data integration solutions. When he’s not working or with his family, Christopher is busy writing, reading, taking photographs and playing golf or computer games. The Rift in the Void is the first book in The Starsoul Trilogy and he is working on the second, Night of the Twin Moons.



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