Rhinestone Cowgirl

A Different Kind of Addiction

by Rochelle Cory


Book Details

A Spiritual Lesson Learned on Horseback

Ever since she was a little girl, Rochelle has loved horses. After learning to ride with her dad, her fascination with horses was put on hold until she and her husband Kevin moved to Hugo, Oklahoma to start a new business. Rochelle’s dedication to riding intensified, as she took on challenges from competition riding to being a flag girl at the rodeo. But as a series of accidents and misfortunes came her way, Rochelle began to wonder whether her love of riding was getting in the way of what she was truly meant to do with her life. Her testimony of honest communication with her heart and with God is a humble witness to the necessity and power of faith. Join Rochelle on her journey to greater wisdom, and stand with her as her resolve is tested.


About the Author

Rochelle Cory

Rochelle Cory taught art at Goodland Christian Academy and Goodland public school for nine years. Painted murals at Bethany First Church of the Nazarene and two in Hugo, OK. She is a choir member at First Baptist Church and built production sets for Vacation Bible School, Christmas musicals and Easter musicals. She was a volunteer mission worker with World Changers. She has been an insurance agent for Kevin Cory, State Farm Insurance for twenty-four years. She served as Rotary President for two years when her club was awarded the highest Rotary District honor.



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