Healing the Separation

A Journey Within

by Rev. Jeffrey Fore


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Unlock the Power Within Yourself to Achieve a Better Life!

You have the power inside yourself to lead a fuller, more rewarding, and intensely satisfying life.

That’s the message of Rev. Jeffrey Fore’s Healing the Separation: A Journey Within. This remarkably insightful book details the steps anyone can take in order to discover the incredible truth about his or her existence—and the amazing future you hold right in your hands. You’ll learn:

  • Why you’re responsible for literally everything in your life—and how this empowering news can help you achieve your dreams.
  • Why acknowledging a higher power can bring you closer to peace and understanding with yourself and those around you.
  • The true role of spirituality in our daily lives, and how it can enrich your entire experience.
  • How to embrace the amazing power of forgiveness and bring a new sense of tranquility into your life.
  • Much, much more!

Through a series of revelatory self conversations, Rev. Fore leads you through the process necessary to arrive at a more balanced and self-assured place in your life. All the while, intensely personal stories from the author’s own journey punctuate this touching yet compelling and highly effective transformational guidebook.

An Amazon reviewer says:
"This is an exciting new breakthrough book! Don't waste another minute getting started!" 4½ stars
Don’t waste another minute getting started on the road to a better you!


About the Author

Rev. Jeffrey Fore

Rev. Jeffrey Fore is an ordained nondenominational minister though the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc., an interfaith ministry. He has worked in the field of human potential development for individuals and corporations. His work as a spiritual counselor has allowed him the privilege of experiencing this journey with individuals from many different cultures and belief systems. He lives in Atlanta, GA.

Jeff is a dynamic public speaker and very passionate in his delivery of these messages. His ability to find humor in translation of this material allows for a very natural connection to both his readers and audiences. One reader claims:

"Jeff is so authentic that being an inspiration appears effortless."



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