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April, 1866

Three years have passed since General Robert E. Lee routed the Union army at Gettysburg and caused the Lincoln government to flee Washington D.C. Now, as president of the Confederacy, Lee realizes the hollowness of his victory as he watches the South he loved and defended slowly crumble before his eyes. Lee must reach out to the only man he believes can help him save the South - the disgraced and out-of-office President Abraham Lincoln. Amidst intense opposition, the two men secretly devise a plan that, if successful, could reunite the country once again. Reunion is an intricate and thoroughly researched work of alternate history that examines the question: What if the South won the Civil War? Through engaging prose and an extensive cast of compelling characters, Metroke explores this question with the grace & sensibility of a seasoned novelist, and with the diligence & precision of a shrewd historian. The result is a book that is deeply satisfying from both a literary and historical perspective. Reunion is simultaneously entertaining & informative, human & political, and above all, historical & relevant. It is a must read for anyone who desires to understand the American politics of the past and the present. See Video Book Trailer Clip


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Michael J. Metroke

Michael Metroke has a passionate interest in bringing alive 19th century history in a way that is accessible to the general reader and those readers who have a special interest in this period. An attorney by background, Michael Metroke lives in Portland, OR with his wife Marcia and son Michael.



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