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Trust the Process of Healing in the Hands of God

Our modern culture lives in fear of pain and suffering. Especially in America, we are taught to push those feelings away, to seek happiness all the time, to fight uncomfortable feelings with prescriptions…or with self-medications such as alcohol, TV, or other numbing techniques. But every life has times of crisis, and great pain is a gift. We must learn to face it head on, look it squarely in the face, and feel it. Pain is given to us in order to help us become who God wants us to be—we are meant to “grow” through it, not just “go” through it. Loss makes us look deep within ourselves. God always brings something beautiful out of something wretched. When we lose a loved one, in the initial shock of grief, anger, disbelief, and denial, we cannot believe that anything good could come of our pain. That is the time to reach for the Lord, who takes our hand in those dark recesses and leads us to a greater place. In Remember the Promise, Paula Parkison shares her own experience of taking the hand of Christ, and walking through grief. This deeply inspiring and compassionate book will give you hope for healing, and a light to guide your path.


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Paula K. Parkison

Paula K. Parkison is an artist based in Eustis, Florida. In her roles as a pastor’s wife and mother, she ministered with her husband Rod in both music and counseling, and has also been a women’s ministry leader and speaker. When her husband died in 2009, she knew immediately that she had to visually chronicle her journey in the hope of helping others who would one day walk that same path.