Religion 531 - The Master's Course

2000 Years of History Can't Be Wrong, Can It?

by Josephus the Scribe


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You Are Much More Powerful Than You Think You Are—And, Unfortunately, Are Totally Responsible For What Happens In Your Life.

You are NOT a physical being with a Spiritual nature. You are a Spiritual being that happens to be in a physical body at the moment. It is almost certain you have lived many physical lives. Your mission (and everyone else’s) is to return to God as an eternal companion to him. You do this by learning what brings you closer to God and what moves you farther away. In this book, you will learn:

• God judges no one—You are your own moral agent—You will reap everything you sow

• Whether you are religious or not, you are on your ‘correct’ path, for all paths lead to God

• In 325 CE, a schism split ‘Christianity’ into those who believed in the ‘Mystical’ Jesus and those who believed in the ‘Mythical’ Jesus—the ‘Mythical’ believers won.

• Long lost, and recently rediscovered, writings indicate the ‘Mystical’ Jesus is a better choice

• The ‘Mystical’ Jesus taught reincarnation, Karma, The Law of Return and other long-suppressed truths

• Jesus did not start the Christian religion you practice


Book Excerpt

The “road” you are on—what religion you practice—doesn’t matter. There is no “correct” faith. There is no “preferred” way to pray. Everyone is trying to get to the same place (back to God . . . whether they currently realize that is their goal or not), and God’s GPS can show everyone a different way to get there. It is not your job to tell someone they are on the wrong road, because there aren’t any wrong ones.
As you will learn later, the information that follows is currently practiced in some “religions,” and was once a part of all Christian, Jewish, Egyptian, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, etc. beliefs. In the case of many “religions,” this information has intentionally been deleted, suppressed or represented to mean something else. It is fine to keep your current belief system/religion. It will become more meaningful to you when you learn how it really is supposed to be.

God is WITHIN a person. Each of our souls is an actual part of Him. He is with us always. There is no need to search for Him in “holy” relics, sites where “miracles” have occurred or in churches. Each of us is our own moral agent. Each of us is on our own path. Each of us has made unique learning mistakes and have accumulated our own, unique Karma. No priest, minister, rabbi, imam or anyone else can tell you what you should do “to be saved.” They are all dealing with their own Karma, whether they believe it or not, and may very well be accumulating additional negative Karma by giving others bad “religious” advice that slows down their spiritual progress. Even Jesus cannot relieve you of your Karma and “save” you. Unfortunately, you have to do that yourself, and it requires a sustained, long, hard, grueling effort on your part.
You must reap everything you have sown and understand that you have caused all of your disappointment, bad luck, pain, suffering, embarrassment, frustration, poor health, loss and unhappiness. You must learn to accept all of the “bad” without complaint or striking back. You must repent and apologize for all of the hurt you have caused others. You must forgive and release all who have hurt you. And you must learn to stop creating negative Karma so you will eventually “catch up” and clear your Karma. For most people, this will take many lifetimes. Remember, what you learn in this lifetime will go with you into future incarnations.
It means you are an actor who is playing his part in this life. You wrote the script. Your previous thoughts, words and actions determined what your part entails. And how you handle your part in this life is writing the script for your part in your next life.
It means you have a lot of work to do. And a lot of changes to make to your attitudes.
We are participants in a wonderful, perfectly fair learning system. Our souls cannot be harmed and live forever. Our mission is to learn everything and return to God. Our mission cannot fail, as we not only have eternity to complete it, but also we are given help and instructions along the way. The sooner we realize our mistakes, the sooner we complete our mission. The more mistakes we make, the longer we spend in the less-than-ideal material world. What could be fairer?


About the Author

Josephus the Scribe

The ideas in this book are not mine. They are universal truths. I merely found them and wrote them down. My education and experience are not yours, nor are yours mine. We have not learned the same things in the same way. I have a technical bachelor’s degree and an MBA. So what? I have managed very large commercial and governmental IT projects. So what? Neither directly led me to my truth. Your education and experience, or lack thereof, does not preclude you from learning what your truth is. Perhaps this book may help you. It may not. My job was to present what I learned my truth is. Your job begins now.