Recipes for Joyous Living

A Story of Inspiration

by Julie Spencer Washington & Sulie Gooden Spencer


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"You will laugh out loud, cry and shout 'Amen' as you turn the pages of this intergenerational treasure. Recipes for Joyous Living serves up a menu of food for your soul and soul for your food. This mother-daughter duo has given us a best-seller in a bistro."
Reverend Connie "CJ" Jackson, Houston, Texas

“Sulie’s life is the best of humanity. She expresses love in all directions. My Bubbe, Lillian Swack, was blessed to be her friend having a special connection that defied convention between a young African American woman and an older white, Jewish woman in the 1960’s. There is something so very sacred when we pull people in close, especially those that society sees as ‘the other.’”
Daniel Kalman Epstein, Author & Photographer of Portraits in Faith, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Sweet” demonstrates the teachings of our beloved parents. She is a loving person who gives and shows concern for others with the love of Christ. These stories capture recipes that are empowering and life-giving.
Sadie Pearl Harrell, Sister, New Orleans, Louisiana

What a great read and dose of inspiration! This story illustrates the mighty hand of God in the life of a special woman of faith. May you be uplifted and encouraged to trust God in every phase of your life as Mother Spencer has.
Pastor T. T. Shellman, Deerfield Beach, Florida

Finding and seeing joy in life can be a challenge. Take a walk with a Black girl from Mississippi whose faith, passion and perspective have given her over 80 years of insights and lessons that she freely shares. As a four-time cancer survivor Sulie knows the highs and lows of life and has found ways to be victorious in body, mind, and spirit. She shines her light on every path she crosses and serves mankind with counsel as well as wonderful cooking. There is a life or food recipe for you that will surely delight your senses and enhance how you live. Enjoy your seat at Sulie’s kitchen table.


About the Author

Julie Spencer Washington & Sulie Gooden Spencer

JULIE SPENCER WASHINGTON loves sharing stories and is a corporate marketing executive. She is the youngest daughter of SULIE GOODEN SPENCER. They both are women of faith and of prayer who inspire others toward purpose and greatness.