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A Simple Selling Solution to a Complex Problem

Differentiate yourself in a world where buyers can buy anything without ever meeting another person. At this highly competitive time in sales history, you must recognize and project customer-centric value to foster that long-term relationship with your customer. You are not simply providing a solution. You are providing a valued partnership that will support your customer’s success and differentiate you from the competition which is primarily the Internet. This book lays out a simple path to that success. And you are the right salesperson to read it!

Ask yourself this - if your personal success is at all connected to selling

1. How do you make yourself so valuable that your customer can’t live without you?
2. How do you tell your story, so it resonates with your customer even when you are not with them?
3. How can you elevate the conversation and sell on value?

Salespeople who are truly success-driven will align their approach to this methodology and achieve immediate success.


Book Excerpt

From Chapter 1

Many of you might be thinking, “I just don't need another methodology. Thank you very much. I don't need change because I'm fine here, entrenched in my current process that is as comfortable as my fuzzy slippers.”  Sales is complicated and difficult. Don’t get me started on my reaction to the term soft skills when selling is about the hardest skill to master. Just because sales is complex does not mean that the sales methodology has to be. The idea is to establish a methodology that returns frequent success milestones while addressing the complex needs of the long-term customer relationship. While the REAL methodology addresses the success-driven needs of the seller, it offers a familiar low-risk path aligned to the buyer. Change is not easy and often feels like a high-risk situation. The REAL methodology provides the framework for many familiar functions and that's why I believe the combination of the familiar and the new will quickly feel like the aforementioned fuzzy slipper.


About the Author

Carol L. Cohen

Carol is a learning strategist at Infopro Learning and a fourth-generation educator whose passion for teaching led to a career in corporate sales training and certification. She considers it her mission to enable the success of others through creative and engaging learning and practice.