by La-Temus Marshall


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The American economy is in a shambles. Crime and unemployment are at an all-time high, and race relations are as bad as they’ve ever been. America has lost its place as a world leader, and many cities are on the verge of anarchy: Local budgets cannot support adequate law enforcement to control the outbursts of racial hatred erupting nationwide as each race blames another for the social, economic, and moral downward spiral our country has been in for the past 20 years. These are the conditions a US Senator and US Congressman find themselves in when they devise a plan to separate the races for their own bigoted agenda and try to turn back the hands of time in America. Race War is a riveting book that takes a good hard look at the grave consequences of a bad decision—and what happens when the country’s citizens allow racism and separatism to prevail.


About the Author

La-Temus Marshall

About the Author: La-Temus Marshall is a graduate of Sullivan University and recipient of the Who’s Who Among College Students and the 110 Percent award (now called Student of the Year). He began writing Race War after observing his daughter’s second-grade class, where the children played happily together regardless of skin color. Marshall’s mission is to eradicate racism in the United States, and he is a passionate advocate of the unity of humanity of all colors. He lives and works in the pristine, beautiful city of Lexington, Kentucky.



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