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Life and Love on South Beach

Three short stories of South Beach lifestyle: ‘Pennies on South Beach’, ‘The Psychological Impairment of the Horoscope,’ and ‘Her Terrible Swift Sword.’ In ‘Pennies on South Beach,’ we find a group of friends who meet regularly at their favorite watering hole. ‘The Psychological Impairment of the Horoscope,’ is about two people who, by chance, become involved yet have past issues that have to be resolved. ‘Her Terrible Swift Sword,’ is about two people from two different cultures falling in and out of love.


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'Wednesdays' horoscope was vitally important to Ana. It was so important to her that she was afraid to read it. Still...she could not resist.


About the Author

Theodore Hayes

I work in a high-end restaurant kitchen on South Beach. Everything that you read in ‘The Psychological Impairment of the Horoscope,’ concerning George in the kitchen has happened to me in real life albeit not collectively. I have lived on Miami Beach for twelve years and I have seen people come and go. These stories are the literary paintings my eyes see.



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