My Past Was Just A Set Up For My Future

by Prophetess Gail Rose


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This book tells the whole story of a little girl who was thrust into an adult situation at a very young age, which she was not physically or mentally mature enough to handle. It caused her life to fall into a downward spiral of confusions that was not easily reversed. This story tells of the nightmares that lingered for years, and how the shame and guilt tormented her thoughts. You will read of the child abuse and rape in the home that led her to a life of drugs, alcohol and perversion by the time she was 16, and even an attempted suicide, but this is not how the story ends. At the age of 20 she found herself under a gospel tent where she met Jesus for the very first time, and He changed her life forever. This remarkable story lets you know that after her encounter with Jesus she struggled with discovering who she really was while trying to put the pieces of her life back together. God sent her two ladies who she called her 911 sisters. They assisted her for three years of her new Christian walk until she was able to break free of her past, and discover that God had her destiny in mind before the very foundation of the world.
Not a typical story that ended with defeat, but ends with an unprecedented victory. This story will show you how you can experience triumph even in the undisclosed places of your soul.


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I would like to focus on pushing past the obstacles that stand in your way and hinder you from your appointment with destiny. Life is filled with challenges and opportunities, and I believe that God wants us to face adversity equipped to win. God speaks to us because of our circumstance. For some reason over a course of time you have been pressed out of measure. In other words you’ve been weighed down. The measure of agony is “let it pass,” but the measure of destiny is “if it’s possible change it.” God wants us to turn our stumbling blocks into stepping-stones. We need faith to push our obstacles. Faith that will take you from the “familiar” and move you into the future. Faith causes change. Anytime there is change,there is opportunity. That includes the opportunity to grow more, see more and be more. Are there stagnant places in your life that keep you from fulfilling God’s purpose? If you are in a place called “stagnation” it is a hibernation tent for miracles. Someone once asked Helen Keller what could possibly be worse than blindness. She responded, “To have sight, but no vision.” God wants you to see yourself according to His future plans for you. The story of Gideon in the Bible illustrates this point. Despite Gideon’s lack of courage; God called him a “mighty man of valor.” (Judges 6:12) How could this be? Gideon was a coward! God was not referring to Gideon as he was in his present condition; He was speaking of the mighty warrior the Old Testament character would become. Don’t see yourself where you are now, but see yourself where God see you. God designed you perfectly for the assignment in your life. Remember the past is past tense, it does not determine your future. We all have a past and our past does not disqualify us, but it qualifies us for our destiny. Through a relationship with God, you can gain spiritual insight that far exceeds anything you can see with the natural eyes. After you understand God’s plan for your life, you will need a strategy to bring it to fruition. See your past as your teacher. View the present as an opportunity. Refuse to face the future with fear. None of us can change our yesterdays no matter how terrible they have been. I pray for your courage to endure what you cannot change. Remodel the things you can and tell the rest of it to go and play in traffic. Today is the day for you to begin to push past the obstacles that stand in your way.


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Prophetess Gail Rose

Prophetess Gail Rose is the President and Founder of I Will Go Ministry and GR Expressions of Me. She was honor in the Cambridge Who's Who 2006-2007 Edition of Executives and Professional Women. She attended Charisma Ministerial Bible College, Christian College Bible Knowledge and Bibleway School of Ministry. She travels Nationally and soon to come International doing Revivals, Women’s Conferences, Workshops and Retreats.
She was ordained as a Rev./Evangelist in 1985 through her home church Bibleway Chapel Church Inc. And ordained as a Prophetess in 2002. Because of her love for God and His people Prophetess Gail transcends through all races, cultural and religious barriers just to reach and pull you out of any dilemma you may be in.

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