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They came to test man...Is he a worthy specimen?

Some say the destiny of man has always been in his own hands. Given his superior intellect through eons of evolution, he remains unchallenged on Earth. What he is, what he thinks, what he does and where he wants to go are all indisputable facts totally within his control, right? Not so fast. He is about to find out that there are others in the universe that have a lot more to say about him and his ultimate destiny. Many have also said that they know man’s heart and his desires, as evidenced by all the great teachings and writings over the past five millennium. But knowing all this, can it lead him to even greater understanding and enlightenment? Project Earth: Vice or Virtue provides a fascinating account of aliens coming to Earth to ‘test’ mankind’s ability to join the High Council of Sentients, the highest order in the universe. Man must prove that he is worthy and can overcome his inherent moral weaknesses to do so. So join this exciting, fast-paced alien commander’s journey and witness his test to see if man can overcome his weaknesses that continue to plague his earthly existence. Seven mesmerizing human interest stories provide the reader with compelling evidence about his pride, lust, gluttony, envy, wrath, sloth and greed (the ‘seven deadly sins’). Be prepared for his shocking, intergalactic recommendation to the High Council of Sentients.


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Richard Pryor

Richard J. Pryor is a new writer with a life-long interest in science fiction and space adventures. His interests began early in life with the old black and white broadcasts of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone series, blossomed with the technicolor adventures in Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek series and continues with inspired stories from George Lucas’ Star Wars series. After service to his country in Vietnam (Army), he pledged to serve his community. For years, he keenly supported sound government for the people it serves and then for the creation of safe, decent, affordable housing opportunities for everyone. He has also volunteered his support for diabetes research and aided hurricane disaster victims. Today, he enjoys a fulfilled live in retirement with both family and friends on Table Rock Lake in Missouri with his wife, Mary Beth, and their Australian Labradoodle, Penny.

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