Principle-centered Education Through Community Development

by Sai Tedla


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Establishing our education on a common foundation – The Principle, TruthLovePeace

Is there a common foundation that humanity can share and on which we can build our education, work-place and community? What educational approach can we forge that is compassionate, inclusive and founded on humanity’s benevolent qualities? One answer lies in adopting TruthLovePeace as our common foundation – for it is what people throughout the world, on the whole, want for themselves and for those near and dear to them. Without TruthLovePeace, a society or community can be overwhelmed by lawlessness, falsehood, injustice, cruelty, civil war, or international war. Thus, integrity and character, which are practical expressions of TruthLovePeace, are indispensable to our society and world-community.

Here, the Sol Education with its Community-building Program (founded on The Principle, TruthLovePeace) is being advanced. This Program invites and encourages us to establish our educational, work-place and community endeavors on 11 Community Fostering Qualities, which are concrete expressions of The Principle, TruthLovePeace.


About the Author

Sai Tedla

Dr. Sai Tedla has a PhD in International Development and Education with a focus in non-traditional education. She has worked to build community inside and outside the classroom in colleges and universities. Through community outreach, she has brought together students, parents, teachers, and faculty in locations around the country to create learning communities.