Presidential Leadership and the Bureaucratic State

by Frank M. Sorrentino, Ph.D.


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In the United States, the most fundamental and dynamic struggles for power occur not in elections for public office, the Halls of Congress, or between the President and Congress, but in the more convoluted arena known as the politics of bureaucracy. These power struggles can be seen in The Federal Bureau of Investigation, The Pentagon, The Environmental Protection Agency, and a host of lesser-known bureaucratic entities-all wielding enormous political power. While most studies on presidential leadership are broad in scope, Dr. Sorrentino’s latest book presents a more in-depth contextual environment to test the possibilities and limitations on presidential leadership and the bureaucratic state in a complex political terrain. Presidential Leadership eloquently analyzes the various theories of presidential leadership and their effectiveness in our unique American political system—from separation of power, federalism, undisciplined and decentralized political parties, to the increasing expertise and discretionary powers given to the bureaucracy of the modern age.


About the Author

Frank M. Sorrentino, Ph.D.

DR. FRANK SORRENTINO earned a PhD from New York University. He has taught at St. Francis College, New York University, and Kean College, and has served as Chair of the History and Political Science Department. Dr. Sorrentino has lectured extensively on the presidency and American politics, and has received many awards for teaching, scholarship, and commitment to the community. He is the author of seven previous books and scores of articles.