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ATTORNEY RILEY MORGAN is still recovering from a devastating personal loss when a long-time friend and colleague convinces her to take on a new high-profile client at her Florida law firm. Little does she know the case will soon have federal agents knocking at her door and a highly skilled special agent, Kent Donovan, working behind the scenes to uncover a fraudulent enterprise that spans continents.

Riley’s world becomes even more complicated as she battles shrewd and portentous attorney Sam Stone to gain her new client’s freedom from an oppressive business arrangement with well-connected entertainment tycoon Tony Giordano. So far, not one young performer who has signed with Giordano has been able to untangle his stranglehold over their career.

And, no one beats Sam Stone at his own games, in the courtroom or in the bedroom. In the midst of the legal wrangling, Riley must also contend with a stalker intent on making her pay dearly for providing legal aid to a victim of domestic violence.

Still, for Riley, the gravest danger may be the one her new client, Evan Cole, poses to her well-guarded heart. Is he really just an innocent pawn in Giordano’s games, or are his good looks and youthful charm hiding something more devious?

As Riley discovers the answers, the reader is taken along for an intriguing ride that is colored with the ominous shadow of an armed and dangerous killer, a challenging search to locate witnesses, heated legal battles, and Riley’s very personal struggle to open up and allow someone new into her life.


About the Author

Abigail Arrington

THE WORK OF ABIGAIL “ABBY” ARRINGTON is infused with over a decade of experience as litigation counsel for Fortune 500 companies and entertainment personalities, and as an advocate for victims’ rights. Her passion for music and art add color to Abby’s characters, backgrounds and themes.

The finishing touches that hone and refine her writer’s eye come from the blessing of fascinating friends, travel to unusual locations, a lifetime of Southern eccentricities, and of course, the companionship of many beloved dogs.

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A Note From Abby: All the stuff in my bio above sounds great, but a lot more serious about myself than I tend to be! As the former editor of my college’s newspaper, and an avid writer as a legal professional, I suppose it was a given I would someday put my exploits and creative perspective down on paper.

The story line for my first series, featuring attorney Riley Morgan, has been something I’ve had in mind for years. It just took time and tide to come to fruition.

Riley’s story is a lot of my own. She will go many places I’ve been, handle issues I’ve tackled and endure some of my loves and losses. And, she’ll also get the benefit of my vivid imagination.

Which parts are based on real life and which are fashioned from whole cloth? Well, I’ll leave that to you to decide. Either way, I hope you enjoy the ride.

Now that I’ve started writing the series, I am having too much fun with my characters and can’t wait to share what comes next. I’m working on the sequel to Precession now and hope to have it out early next year. The next book is going to take a bit more of a humorous turn.

The clients may come and go, but you’ll see a lot of my favorites in the series. Keep an eye out for Sam in the next book. He’s nothing but trouble – but in a really fun, over-sexed way. Dani, of course, will always be by Riley’s side. And, Kent, who so far is everyone’s favorite – well, I’ve got big plans for him. Oh, and don’t forget Mason. He’s leaving his paw prints all over my keyboard these days.

Check back soon for info on the sequels. In the meantime, enjoy the book and let me know what you think!