Prayers for Travelers

In English, Español, Français, Deutsch, and Italiano

by Thomas Markley


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Ever see this bumper sticker? NO FEAR! That’s not true.

Everyone fears sometime. Fear is built into our nature, to prepare us for the unexpected. Asking God for help is practicing “NO FEAR.” If you are traveling by any means—on a plane, ship, bus, or in a car— you face the unexpected and there is risk. Why not take God with you? He’s going along anyway. Let Him into your mental conversation with yourself. Ask Him for comfort and let Him remove the fear. Now that’s NO FEAR! I will be there also, feeding the first part of the prayer you will use to ask God for His help. These prayers start the process of prayer, whether you are used to praying or not. They are the first step to eliminating fear. It is the truth. Welcome aboard!


About the Author

Thomas Markley

Thomas Markley was a soldier, teacher, driver training instructor, play director, and writer. Therefore, he has had plenty of reasons to pray all his life. He has survived the Viet Nam War, taught in the junior high school, high school, and college level of education, directed twenty plays, and has written instructional books, short stories, and plays. God has always heard him out. He is a widower and resides in Arizona.