Middle School Faith Tests

by Tiffany L. Gray


Book Details

Are You Predictable????

A feisty young adult and her radical multicultural friends are fed up with life's challenges: School Closings, Racism, Broken Friendships/Relationships, Bullying, Losing Loved Ones, Parents Losing Their Jobs, Unwanted Sexual Advances and much more! Through this novel's usage of humor, realistic school scenes, youth dialogue, and heart-wrenching events, youth are shown that the only way to survive and overcome adversity is to find their inner strength and to lean on faith, rather than lose control. Young Adult themes in Never Predictablez: Transition, School Adjustments, Family Issues, Conflict-Resolution, Self-Esteem, Academic Excellence, Peer Pressure, and Choices and Consequences. Recommended for 11-17 year olds.


Book Excerpt

Jon turns back to the quiz. Nothing looks familiar. His heart is racing as he hears pencils scratching the paper surface and the clock ticking. Beads of sweat are pouring down his arm. As he wipes them on his shirt, his classmate sees him. “Ew!” She turns up her nose. “What are you looking at? It’s only sweat,” he whispers. Making that comment is his biggest mistake. Ms. Smith walks over to his desk. “Kyle, I told you no talking! I would never guess that you’d cheat.” “I wasn’t cheating.” “You’ve been looking around the whole time and now you’re talking back. I’m sorry, but you failed this quiz. I’ll call your parents after school.” “What? Why? I didn’t do anything!”


About the Author

Tiffany L. Gray

Tiffany L. Gray is the CEO of Never Predictablez Inspirational Resources,an author, motivational speaker, and young adult workshop facilitator. Tiffany's passion for writing blossomed so intensely during her childhood that she majored in English and journalism in college. After completing graduate school, Tiffany began working with young adults and children to improve their life skills. For over 12 years, she has been faciliating programs (in conjuction with schools and non-profit organizations) that will help youth to increase their self-esteem, create career preparation skills, practice self-control, avoid toxic substances, excel academically, and respect others.