Porter Horse Finds Blackbeard's Treasure

by Barbie LeBrun


Book Details

Aye, Mate! Find your treasure or walk the plank!

Meet my whimsical and fearless friend, Porter Horse; a seahorse who shows the famous Blackbeard the Pirate that he can rule the seas. This fun and colorful pirating story encourages readers of all ages to seek for treasure. You will find some factual information about Blackbeard and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. A delightful read for anyone who likes to imagine, or pirate.


About the Author

Barbie LeBrun

Barbie LeBrun is a governess for young children on her work time. On her free time she loves to travel to any beach where she can do her other hobbies such as body surfing, reading, shelling, and napping. She and her husband, Fred, have two grown children together, and lots of pets. They love to travel with family, especially exploring the North Carolina sea coast.