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Anyone Can Be a Politician

When Tara Haylin’s idyllic boating trip on the Atlantic Ocean goes terribly wrong, she pulls herself up by her bootstraps and makes the best of things. Although she’s been separated from her parents by a hurricane, she’s not ready to give up. Washed up on a small sand marsh, she uses basic survival skills to stay alive, though she has no idea how she’ll get back home. In a sudden shift of luck, Republican presidential nominee Ron Rogaine and his wife Trisha crash-land near Tara en route to the Bahamas. Ron knows a good thing when he sees it, and he’s been looking for an attractive young female running mate to add interest to his ticket. Tara fits the bill perfectly. Ron rescues her and takes her back to Boston, where he shoves her into the spotlight, harnessing the media frenzy around her beauty and her much-discussed outdoor skills. Ron knows that politics is like a high school popularity contest, and he figures he’s found himself the world’s best cheerleader. However, Ron has underestimated his opponent, Jermaine Intesh, who quickly sees through this ridiculous ruse and sets a plan in motion guaranteed to give him victory … and to change the face of the United States of America forever. Smart, fast-paced, and relevant, Population: One provides a timely and entertaining wake-up call about the political process and the people who pull the strings.


About the Author

Jerry Belitch

Jerry Belitch is a comedy writer and occasional stand-up comedian who satirizes pop culture and current events. He resides in Florida, where he is developing his own production company and working on a couple of screenplays. Population: One is his first novel.



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