Poems Of Love, From My Heart To Yours, Vol 1

by Kerry C. Irons


Book Details

Love Can Live Only In Your Heart

Poems Of Love, From My Heart To Yours, Is a book that focus’ mainly on the subject of love. It speaks of and explores many of the different facets of love. It speaks of the love between a man and a woman. It also speaks of love from a view point of not looking from the outside in, but instead, looking from the inside out. This book explores love itself, what it is and what it is not, as well as, who it should be given to. The words that are written in this book of love poems are intended to stimulate thought, feelings and emotions about love and the need for it. Love is the greatest power on earth, but mankind, as of yet, has failed to harness it and reap its true rewards.


About the Author

Kerry C. Irons

This book “Poems Of Love, From My Heart To Yours, Vol 1” is the first book to be published by Kerry C. Irons. Kerry grew up in the boot heel of Missouri so he has deep southern ties. Some would call him a country boy while other would say that he’s southern by the grace of God. Kerry served our great nation in the US Air Force for three years and has worked in several professions up to this point in his life. This book, being his first attempt, at the pursuit of a long time dream and that dream has been to share a part of himself with the world. Kerry has attended two different colleges where he studied various subjects but the dream of writing over shadowed most of them. With the release of this book Kerry has taken the long awaited step, of letting the world see into his heart.