Pocket Honey, Wind & Hips

Poetry & Prose

by Nikki Skies


Book Details

"Nikki Skies is not a poet. Nikki Skies is a literary visionary. Painter of panoramic jazz sunsets, sonnets and dusty morsels of herstoric truth. She makes no apologies for her gifts while simultaneously wrapping humility around her female greatness. Her page and stage delivery act as a vessel of benediction...Nikki Skies is not a poet. Nikki Skies is a seed. A flower. A poet tree." - Anastacia Tolbert, Journalist/Cave Canem Fellow

"Nikki Skies is a poetic warrior with style and honest energy. Powerful, vibrant, passionate, and hypnotic expressions surrounds her experience, forcing you to merge with her words. Nikki Skies is a beautiful experience." - Floyd Boykin Jr./CEO and Founder of SpokenVizions Ezine Magazine

"Pocket Honey, Wind & Hips is a wonderful read! Every poem touched a different member in the group. This book is empowering and encouraging, a gift to the world!" - Toni, Mocha Moms Book Club


About the Author

Nikki Skies

Nikki Skies is an award-winning actress, author and lecturer. She has spoken and performed at over 300 colleges and festivals and has been a featured performer at a number of the noted poetry venues across the country. Nikki's poetry has been used as curriculum in the Oakland women's prison system and published in several poetry anthologies. Nikki currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and is also the author of three poetry chap books and the short story book, Mississippi Window Cracks. For booking and performance information, visit www.nikkiskies.wordpress.com

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