Please Receive Your Healing From Heaven

Note to the Western Church

by Cyndi White


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After years of physical pain and weakness, Cyndi White read in the Gospels that Jesus healed all those who yielded to His love, mercy, and light. She knew her brothers and sisters were also hurting and seeking Jesus as best as they knew how. In 1984, the fire of the Holy Spirit came to her from heaven, setting her free from agoraphobia, manic-depression, alcoholism, a smoking addiction, hatred, and an inability to forgive. She and her husband recently began a five-year journey to reunite with the fire from heaven, seeking to understand the deeper matters of God. Please Receive Your Healing From Heaven is the result of that quest. “My husband and I have wakened to the sounds of revival again in America, a revival that is spreading through the whole world! The eyes of our understanding have been opened. My heart’s desire is for every one of us to come into our full potential for the bearing of spiritual fruit for His Glory. I pray this can be a spiritual GPS for you to receive your healing and commissioning.” Our prayer is that Western congregations grow up strong and mighty in what the Holy Spirit wants for us that we might be fire and light to the world in the increasing darkness. The Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit want to speak with you. They’re just waiting for you to dial down, turn off the world, and listen. And receive the Trinity’s overwhelming love, healing, and commissioning.


Book Excerpt

People are called all over the world by the ministry of Holy Spirit in places where there are no churches, television ministries, or Bibles. Once they receive Holy Spirit’s manna from on high, they ask Him, who tells them what to learn, where to go, and what to do. Why doesn’t the Western church follow this pattern?


About the Author

Cyndi White

Cyndi White has been walking with Yeshua (Jesus) since 1984. She and her husband reside in Cross Junction, VA. Their prayer is that everyone receives healing and employment from heaven in these last days. Cyndi says, "I’m not your parent or pastor or teacher – just another kid on the planet who has stumbled and bumbled and hated and loved through her life. So I hope you can trust me to tell you something that might help you in your life."