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A Summer to Remember

“When school starts this fall my teacher will want to know what each student did this past summer; but my story will top them all.” A summer vacation in New Mexico takes an ominous turn as the peaceful sound of the wind in the tall pines is dramatically replaced by a life-challenging adventure that takes place in an unimaginable world devoid of all sensibilities. Overcoming almost certain death requires perseverance, fortitude, unforeseen assistance—and the miraculous help of something completely unanticipated.


About the Author

John Koski

The author grew up in Silver City, New Mexico, where this story takes place, and hopes that Pinos Altos will encourage young people everywhere to read and write using the power of their excellent and exceptional imaginations! When he isn%u2019t writing, he is part of the instructional team in the special education department of Mukwonago High School, Wisconsin.

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