Voices Beyond the Veil

The Story of God, Humanly Speaking

by Phil Ginsburg


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Used as a personal devotional or performed as dramatic monologues in church or retreat settings, Voices Beyond the Veil provides a spiritual and emotional gateway for the opening of God’s Word to the human heart.


“Many times I have had people say to me that the message from his monologues was more powerful for them than the sermon itself. Phil’s insight into the interior life of these biblical characters is worth its weight in gold.”
—Bill Tibert, pastor, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Colorado Springs

“Reading Voices Beyond the Veil opened my mind and heart to understanding the people of the Bible in a more engaging and personal way. I highly recommend this theatrical devotional!”
—John Cruz, vice president for Bibles.com, American Bible Society

"Phil Ginsburg has found a way to capture and share the full range of emotions experienced by a multitude of Bible characters. His book is packed with so much imagination, wit and fresh insight into the Word that it makes devotional time something to look forward to again and again."
–Joe Lachnit, International Publishing Consultant

An "Experience", Not Just A Read, June 1, 2007
By Linore Burkard "Regency Author" (Cincinnati, OH USA) - See all my reviews

"Voices Beyond the Veil" is an important work that needs to be read by nearly anyone with an interest in God or the Bible, and I do not say that lightly. This is an undiscovered treasure that needs to be known! The caliber of (the author's) talent that comes through these pages is awesome in itself, but the possibility of what can be learned here, by the lowliest seeker to the most learned theologian, is extraordinary and unprecedented. What you find when you open this book is people--real people, except they happen to have jumped from the pages of Scripture to say hello and tell us a little bit about themselves and their experience of God. Does that sound like a bit too much? Well, it isn't--not in the hands of Phil Ginsburg. In fact, as I think about it, this book also speaks to anyone interested in drama, acting, the stage, or skits, because the tone of the work is unerringly top-notch, just begging to be performed. The humor, the pathos, the pain--it's all expressed in language you can "see" as well as understand and will return to more than once. Don't think you can read it lightly, or in one sitting though, despite the pleasure you will have whenever you pick it up. Each little "spotlight" (speaker)packs a powerful and deeply considered human being's heart--coming clean, coming out and speaking up--appearing before you from the pages of the past as if by magic, only instead of magic, it's just plain brilliance. Got a drama team? Get everyone a copy and start using this book for performances--you will astound and delight your audiences. Got a book you've never seen the likes of before? Try this one. Got God? Take a look at Him through the eyes of those who speak from these pages, who are sometimes bemused, aghast, or even confused by how they've known Him--but they are alive!--(in a manner of speaking) and they want to tell you all about it. What to do? Get a copy, and let them tell you. This is a valuable book, a very dramatic, moving book, and you should not miss it.


Book Excerpt

First of all, thanks for stopping by.

I wish I could offer you a mocha latte and a chocolate croissant. One simply can’t fax food. The technology isn’t there yet. Some things just can’t be done. I once tried ironing my pants while still wearing them. Can’t be done.

To tell you the truth, I feel uncomfortable promoting my own work. I could tell you my book is a rewarding read, but what do I know? I only wrote it. What am I going to say? This book will change your life? I wish. Lower your cholesterol? I doubt it. Raise your income. Hardly. (I doubt if it will even raise mine.) Draw you into an encounter with God? Ah! Maybe that’s a little bit closer to reality.

But, let’s be honest. Have you tried to read the Bible and never even got passed the first chapter of Genesis? How about the first verse? The Bible is not an easy book to read. But once you understand the Bible is about people, people like you and I, it becomes more accessible.

Of course, the Bible is about God, but God wants to tell his story through people.

That’s why I wrote, “Voices Beyond the Veil, The Story of God, Humanly Speaking." My book is an attempt to explore the interior lives of the people on the pages of Scripture and have them talk to us. Just talk to us. Who knows what might happen? Hopefully, it could lead to a Divine encounter, much like the people in this book experienced.

Now here’s something to consider: God wants to speak to you. Do you believe that? He wants to have an encounter with you. Moses went out to work one day and the next thing you know he hears a voice from a burning bush. Is it possible your burning bush is just around the next corner? You never know when you and God are going to have that encounter.

Opening the Bible invites an encounter with God. It was never meant to be a book of information but revelation. The Bible is not only filled with answers, it poses a lot of questions. Some of them don’t get answered in this lifetime. Why all the evil? Where’s God when all this injustice takes place? Where was God when my favorite bakery went out of business? Is he Almighty or isn’t he? And so on and so on. Sometimes I think living by faith means many times living without answers.

Many of the characters in my book have questions: John the Baptist, for instance. Most of the prophets. Even God poses questions. “Where are you?” he asks Adam and Eve. (I think he knew where they were; the question went deeper than just location. God doesn’t need Mapquest to find anyone.)

“Voices Beyond the Veil, The Story of God, Humanly Speaking” was originally written in play form. These monologues lend themselves to theater. What is a “theatrical devotional”?

Well, here’s an example from an excerpt in my book: When Trust between Marriage Partners is Compromised (Monologue #12)


Woman of Israel

WOMAN. My husband accused me of adultery. He was a jealous man. He took me to the high priest and they made me perform the jealousy offering.

It begins with a grain offering. Then dust is gathered from the floor and put in holy water. A woman then loosens her hair. The grain offering is placed in the woman’s hands and the water of bitterness is placed in the hands of the priest.

Then the priest utters curses: “If no man has lain with you and if you have not gone astray into uncleanness, being under authority of your husband, be immune to this water of bitterness that brings a curse; if you, however, have gone astray and a man other than your husband has had intercourse with you, the Lord make you a curse and an oath among your people by making your thigh waste away and your abdomen swell—this water that brings a curse shall go into your stomach and make your abdomen swell and your thigh waste away.”

After the priest waved the grain offering, he then washed the ink containing the curses off the scroll and put them into the holy water. I was made to drink the water. It went into my stomach as bitterness, but my abdomen did not swell or my thigh waste away.

My husband was a jealous man. Whatever love I had for him ended that day. (End)

Well, that’s the idea. Let’s hold the mocha latte and chocolate croissant for a while. You can reach me at pginsb@yahoo.com if you’d like to chat.

May God bless you and keep you and cause his face to shine on you.

Sincerely, Phil

Phil Ginsburg is a New Yorker who moved to Colorado Springs, CO. He is married with a daughter in college. Phil is a graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theater and worked as senior copywriter at International Bible Society for twelve years. His other works include two music CD’s, a spoken word CD and a prize winning one-act play entitled “Almost Jerusalem.” He now sends his pants to be ironed at the cleaner.