Pete Cluckington and the Others

by Melody Monroe

Pete Cluckington and the Others

Pete Cluckington and the Others

by Melody Monroe

Published Jun 28, 2019
45 Pages
Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes / Friendship


Book Details

2020 CIPA EVVY Award2nd Place Children's Story Books
Pete Cluckington is a young chicken who just moved away from a chicken farm to a farm with a diverse population of animals. Never being around other kinds of farm animals, not to mention his father's beliefs about them, sets Pete up for a challenging adjustment. Even though he has a hard time adjusting to the diverse population of his new farm and school, deep in his heart, Pete wants to make friends with the other farm animals. But, can he? What will his dad say?


Book Excerpt

"So, what's with all the squawking? I thought you might've invited the whole farm over for breakfast, only to have the cats and dogs start a big brawl like they always do! You know how they are!" Papa C. continues. In a failed attempt to speak calmly, Mama C. shares, "Your son is going to be late to school on his FIRST DAY OF THIRD GRADE! Instead of getting ready for school, he's been STARING OUT THE WINDOW!!" "What? Again? You've been doin' a lot of that ever since we got here! Oh well," Papa C. says, "he's probably just a bit nervous, that's all. New farm, new school, new animals. Lots of new animals that he's never seen before. I tell you what, Pete; your good friend Chuck from Southbrook will be there too, so you have nothing to worry about. And I know Chuck is not the only chicken you'll find at your new school. I bet by the end of the day, you'll have a whole bunch of new chicken friends! You, Chuck, and the other chickens just stick together and you all will be just fine!" Pete nods in agreement to his father's suggestion. "So, you go on now!" Papa C. adds. "You don't wanna be the last one in the school like I bet those slowpoke cows out there will be!!! So, moooooove!" Pete lets off a small chuckle and then grabs his book bag.

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About the Author

Melody Monroe

Melody Monroe is a music teacher with National Board Certification in early to middle childhood music. She loves to celebrate diversity in her classroom and school. Her love for diversity and children helped inspire ìPete Cluckington and the Othersî, her debut childrenís book. She has a Bachelorís degree in Music Education from Appalachian State University and a Masterís Degree in Arts Management from George Mason University. Although born and raised in North Carolina, Melody currently lives in Maryland with her husband and three children. She enjoys teaching her students to sing, perform folk songs and dances from world cultures, read and create their own music, and of course, play Freeze Dance! She also loves going to the movies with her family and eating lots of buttered popcorn!

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