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In the highly anticipated sequel to Where I Wanna Be, André has moved on from his ex to be with the love of his life—but when his past comes back to haunt him, will the love he shares with K.C. survive?

Life is grand and heading in the direction Andre has always envisioned. But secrets, lies, and webs of deception soon reveal themselves, threatening to destroy all that he and K.C. have worked to build, and changing lives forever. Will those changes destroy bonds formed over the years—or will love rule?


About the Author

Darlene P. Winston

Darlene P. Winston was raised in the small town of Waverly, Virginia, where everyone knew everyone. She spent her summers in the local library, reading anything she could get her hands on, and later turned her passion for reading into telling stories of her own. A mother and a grandmother, Darlene lives with her husband in Chester, Virginia. Darlene is also the author of The Other Woman and Where I Wanna Be.

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