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“Declaring the end from the beginning” Isaiah 46:10

I believe the reason why God’s people struggle with sin and failure is because they are not aware of what the finished work of Christ entails- “...although the works were finished from the foundation of the world” Hebrews 4:3


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The Table of Contents below will outline the design of God's plan from the beginning to the fulfillment of that plan at the end. It will be tough to put this book down. The Contents- The Pattern: The Promise: The prophetic: The Principle: The Process: The Practical walk: The Plan:


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Stephen Myers

Stephen Myers is a minister of God who has studied the scriptures for close to 40 years and is focused on building up the body of Christ through sharing the unsearchable riches of Christ. A husband and a father of two sons and a resident of the state of Maryland. He also has authored the book “Why Forgiveness Is Not Enough”.



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