A Love Story

by J.C. Soucier


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What happens when fate brings two people together, and faith tears them apart?

In an intriguing true love story, a young woman on a spirited, seemingly complete adventure awakes one day to find her life in a quandary. Faced with the dilemma of being in a compromising position, she recognizes not only that she is fully engaged in an unallowable relationship but also has absolutely no desire to break away.

Their indulgence into forbidden love restricts how and with whom Matthew and Kate can share their closeness. Alone and always behind closed doors, their encounters are protected and secretive. Together they embrace the ultimate sacrifice of hiding their cherished love as they live in one world by day and lead a totally different life by night. Eventually, the mystery of this brilliantly concealed devotion that they have for one another is unmasked and climatically exposed.

The struggles, twists and intimidating confrontations are between adversaries who are hardly a match. A young, determined woman’s decision is challenged by members of the hierarchy of one of the world’s largest and richest institutions. This three year journey is daunting and lonely but it is also the means to what becomes for Kate, the perfect gift.


Book Excerpt

I sat with my slender legs dangling over the edge of the gurney with its stiff, white linen tucked neatly beneath me wondering how I got there. I was having unusual thoughts taking me way back to my beginning. My birth mother had given me up for adoption. Thank heaven she made the choice to give me life. As a result, I was adopted and raised as an only child by a wonderful, French Catholic family. I wondered if she ever thought of having an abortion. Suddenly all of that didn't seem to matter; not with what I was about to do. But why was I doing this? I truly believed in the sacredness of life, and I was so happy to be pregnant. Why then, was I sitting here waiting to have an abortion? I love Matthew so --- but do I love him so much that I am willing to take the life of our baby?


About the Author

J.C. Soucier

~ "The writing of PERFECT linked me with my past. It surfaced issues that for nearly 40 years, I had locked away in the depth of my soul, never realizing the high cost of storing these secrets. Unbeknown to me, talking the words out loud as I relived these memories was a therapeutic experience, a healing, liberating process that has made it possible for me to see and to enjoy the beauty as I begin the journey into the autumn of my life." ~ J. C. Soucier, who has spent her life as a teacher, athletic coach, and social worker, never aspired to become an author. Yet when she wrote her memoirs as a Christmas gift to her family, it became clear that her passionate true-life love story must be shared.