People of the Rain


by Steve Oldfin


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Are you a person of the Rain?

A young man finds himself slipping into the dull gray oblivion of ordinary, day to day life in the city. He is struggling against being absorbed by the mundane routine, when his perception of the natural world around him, is suddenly and dramatically changed. He has an experience that opens the door to the discovery of psychic powers that, up to that moment had lain dormant in him. At first, he cannot control, nor does he fully understand his abilities. The young hero finds the most unlikely of mentors in a Native American man named John that he first encounters as a homeless street person. Alex our hero, is forced to reconsider common stereotypes as he gets to know his mentor, not as an alcoholic street person but as a powerfully gifted psychic, a highly respected medicine man in his indigenous tribe as well as a husband to a missing, presumed taken wife, father to an estranged daughter and a son to a powerful tribal elder that is known to all as grandma. John had left his people that live on the beautiful and heavily forested Olympic Peninsula, crossing the inland sea known as the Puget Sound to the big city of Seattle, in search of his wife. By luck, John perceives Alex’s awakening event. Alex, John and a cadre of other gifted individual’s team up to turn the table on the “Scanners,” a group that has been quietly and systematically hunting any individuals with the gift and are suspected of taking John’s wife. In their quest to trace the “Scanners” back to their source, John must face a council of first nation’s elders that will challenge his past alcohol fueled transgressions and his decision to facilitate none natives to develop this gift which has been a long standing secret part of their culture. All their skills will be tested as they battle the Scanners in the middle of the busy streets of Seattle.


About the Author

Steve Oldfin

I was born and raised in the Puget Sound region with ancestors that homesteaded in this area. The diversity of people and environment so closely interwoven in this beautiful place I call home, have shaped me as a person and in my writing.

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People of the Rain